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Praise the Lord!!

Warmest greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Welcome to the global Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI - Our Ministry) family on cyberspace!

We are growing and are so thrilled that you are an integral part of it. Feel at home!

And as we grow, it is important that we look back and remind ourselves of where we came from so as not to lose sight of where we are going.

We’ll take you back to November 14th, 2014, when our vibrant interactive forum, the RVC Listener’s group on WhatsApp was born. A few weeks before, precisedly on the 29th October 2014, the internet arm of Radio Voice of the Cross (RVC) had just gone operational (with on-demand broadcast) and our first live broadcast challenge was the 6th annual 40-days prayer and fasting crusade of our ministry (Reason for the name RVC Listeners). The initial goal was to get brethren who were following the crusade live (outside KOUME - our international headquarters) to ask questions which received answers from the leader on the spot. Additionally, it helped us to connect to each other and catch up with what transpired the previous night (for those who could not join/connect then).

But even after that  Live broadcast, fellowship among brethren continued as some reconnected with brethren they had not seen or heard from in a long time. It was also a good avenue for brethren to know one another, being in different locations but following the same vision.

Fellowship grew as the brethren present at that time saw the need to carry specific burdens and so during the youth ministry 40 days fast for revival in June/July 2015, the burden to pray for at least five minutes for revival (following the directives in the Bertoua message/prophecy) for one country of the world was born. The forum grew above the normal size permitted by WhatsApp at that time and the need for our own platform, for fellowship and sharing, exclusively for the ministry was also born. The Mount Olive project was therefore launched as a platform through which brethren from different nations can meet and fellowship while being an encouragement to one another.  

Today, we have grouped all our online platforms/presence, including the WhatsApp interactive forum, under CMFI Online, a division (or the internet unit) of the Internet and Audiovisual Department of our Ministry. We, therefore, pursue a common vision and goal:

To present the ministry of Zacharias Tanee Fomum (our ministry) to 2 billion people in our generation through the internet and audiovisuals and win 250 million of these people to Christ who become part of churches in our ministry by 2065.

We will thrive to and establish a godly environment for fellowship, encouragement and mutual edification with the aim of fanning into flames (for those who know already) and/or helping each other to find (for those who don’t know yet) the spiritual gifts and talents which the Lord has lavished on us as individuals and as a community for optimal use through specific contributions towards the accomplishment of our global goal stated above.

As we fellowship, we must bear in mind that we are a forum (a public gathering and meeting place where each one talks with some guidelines and mutual respect), as well as a family, a (cyber sort of) church where there must be order. When a fellow family member brings up his challenges, preoccupations or topics for debate, as hot-blooded as we are, it must be done with decorum and not bullying or insultingly. The content of our contributions and sharing should be along the following lines:

  1. The Lord Jesus Christ

  2. ZTF-The visionary leader of our ministry

  3. The leaders in the vision of our ministry

  4. The vision of our ministry

  5. The goal of our ministry

  6. The message of our ministry

  7. The departments and institutions of our ministry

  8. The missionary work of our ministry in the nations

  9. The church life in our ministry

  10. The people on our ministry

  11. The history of our ministry

  12. The events in our ministry

  13. The testimonies of the impact of our ministry

  14. etc.

The discussion of men of God, their messages and/or other ministries/ministers are beyond the scope of ALL our forums. We will also not accept posts or any sharing that will provoke such or similar discussions. 

The forum is and should be a great place to

  • Rub our minds on deeper issues;

  • Air out our challenges;

  • Share testimonies of what is happening in/around our station;

  • Post 'super' prayer topics that are devoid from personal idiosyncrasies;

  • Share real prayer burdens for the work at large and personal ministry, geared towards personal and the expected global revival;

  • Connect with brethren worldwide within our ministry;

  • Build solid and consequential relationships;

  • Fasting intercession for revival for the nations;

  • Refresh others and be ourselves refreshed etc.

We will measure our productivity via

  1. The content of our ministry that has been presented through CMFI online.

  2. The number of people we have been able to present the content of our ministry to through  CMFI online.

  3. The number of people who become partners of Our Vision and part of churches in our ministry as a result of the presentation of the content of our ministry through  CMFI online

While we heartily welcome everyone and you in particular to this outlet of the CMFI family, dear brethren, it is important to fellowship as much as we want, but over and above the fellowship, we encourage:

  • Active participation in the daily praying for the nations and the fasting chain for our online services and the audiovisual department at large. We cannot ask for prayers enough. As we grow, not only do our responsibilities grow, our attacks are also numerous and diverse. We strongly recommend you enroll on the monthly fasting chain and take part in the praying for the nations. This will justify the time you invest in the forum before God and man.

  • Active participation in discussions on the forum. Topics raised in the group should stem from the experiences and ideas of the greatest number. If you are in the house and are silent for over a month or so, without even an "amen" to a prayer, a "welcome" to a new member, a "good morning", etc., we would consider that you do not want to belong anymore and will proceed to  removed you without prior notification. A simple sign of life does not require that you be hyperactive.

  • Tolerance and consideration should be adhered to. This is in the sense that when someone has a concern and asks a question, before you put a post - read the previous posts as something sensitive may be going on - therefore join in that discussion or withhold your post until a better time. Do this to avoid frustrating your brother or sister who may be having a sensitive issue at hand and may need counsel.

  • New ideas on how to make the group better. God has given each one of us special capacities and there are ideas that only you can bring. So don’t keep them to yourself.

  • A title or short description of ALL audios, videos or images that you post. Many brethren have internet connection (data) limitations and may not want to download something they either do not understand and/or is not edifying. There are also storage constraints on most mobile devices

  • Do not post heavily graphical images or videos that may hurt some brethren's sensitivity without prior warning. Images of accidents or circumstances with blood or mutilated human bodies or partial or complete nudity, and the like. You may instead opt to describe the scene. Discipline will be applied if this is violated.
  • Whenever you can, translate your post into English and/or French because some brethren understand just one of the languages. (Where translation is not possible, state clearly the language of your post). God helping us with willing people, we should be able to support ALL major international languages besides English and French (e.g. Spanish, Portuguese, German, etc.). All the same, if you have something that you really want to communicate or get through, make an effort to use (or get it translated into) a language that most brethren will understand. But rest assured, the admin team will ensure all important posts are translated into the major languages.

  • Verification of messages which claim to call for prayers about things which have happened to believers somewhere.  An example is a call to pray for brethren in India who have been attacked and some killed ‘this week’. Such a message has been circulating on social media for more than 2 years, if you see it for the first time and just post it on the forum, you might be leading brethren to pray for something which is not happening. And also circulating a wrong information. So we encourage background research before anything is posted on the forum.

  • Moreover, any message (text/audio/video) you would like to forward or copy-paste in the forum MUST bear three basic pieces of informationthe source (person who delivered the initial message/content); a time stamp (the date the message was issued); the audience (the initial people to whom the messaged was given) and the setting (the particular circumstances when the message was delivered). Void of this, cross-check with the administrators before posting.


  1. We strongly discourage the sharing of sensitive pieces of information about any of our leaders, whatever his/her leadership position (disciple maker, house church leader, local church leader, elder, provincial leader, national/international missionary, etc.) in ALL our forums and social media platforms, including personal or group pictures featuring them. When in need, ask any of the platform administrators privately. Do not ask nor post any such information (names, locations, emails, phone numbers, (ill-) health condition, etc.) in any of our forums and social media platforms. Even prayer topics that reveal any such details could do more harm than good, and should be avoided!. In the case of information request, any other person could give out such information IF AND ONLY IF he/she knows the requester.

  2. There should NEVER be any political under- and/or over-tone in any discussion topic raised on any of our fellowship platforms. In every prevailing situation in any nation whatsoever, we are instructed to focus on the Lord’s interest at all times and at all cost. Kindly share along these lines.

  3. No family member is permitted to call or inbox another member or outsider to reprove on anything discussed in the house. It is evil. If we agree that we are a family, we must have big hearts and feel secure to share. It is advisable to use the moderator(s). Send an email to social_at_cmfionline_dot_org

  4. if there are any corrections to be made on anyone's statement or post, it should be done with the uttermost respect of the fellow brother/sister receiving the correction, and vice versa.  Or otherwise, it would be better for the correction to pass on to one of the moderators to be weighed before it is passed on.

  5. In the rare event where you must call a brother/sister aside for a talk, let the fruit of the Spirit take precedence.

  6. You are required to seek and obtain permission before forwarding any content posted on the forum or its derivatives.

  7. You should be aware that there are people who hate what we are and what we will be doing and will infiltrate our ranks as traitors. If there are prayer topics concerning others, we should be wise in the way we share them. For instance, you can say “let us pray in tongues for brother/sister  X or Y who is going through some difficulties right now.” This is just an example. When in doubt, seek advice.

  8. If you are aware of any brother or sister in any of the forums/groups who is under discipline (excommunication) in his/her local church, kindly inform one of the administrators. One of the things attached to such discipline is depriving the said brother/sister from brotherly fellowship with the hope that he/she would miss it and thereby desire restoration. We will also remove him/her here until he/she is restored to the local church.

Again we thank God for your presence in this forum and we look forward to greater fellowship, greater ideas, and greater teamwork. We are one in the service of the Lord.

May the Lord bless you richly.

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When money runs out, it is not the end of the world. What you consider to be the end of the world is only a bend in your world. When troubles assail and tempests toss, it is only an...


When money runs out, it is not the end of the world. What you consider to be the end of the world is only a bend in your world. When troubles assail and tempests toss, it is only an opportunity for new heights.

When money runs out, we are never empty handed. We, believers, are left with faith. That's why Peter and John gave the crippled man at Beautiful Gate what they had - faith for healing (Acts 3:6-8). Whenever you run out of money, ideas, solutions and direction, you are left with faith for any and everything.

When you have reached a dead end in your finances, remember that it is time to exercise faith. Faith sometimes means that you should not try to fast fix your problems. Faith sometimes means that you should do nothing about your lack - just wait. That is why Jesus commanded His anxious disciples to do nothing but wait (Acts 1:4; Psalm 27:14).

This was not idle waiting. It was not listless waiting. It was waiting in prayer (Acts 1:12-14). It was waiting in praise, worship and thanksgiving. Whenever things turn upsidedown in our endeavours and undertakings, it is time to turn them rightside up through waiting on the Lord in prayer, praise, thanksgiving and worship. Jehoshaphat and Judah understood it very well (2 Chronicles 20:1-28). Paul and Silas practised waiting on the Lord onto breakthrough results (Acts 16:22-34). Joshua and Israel brought down the walls of Jericho through waiting on the Lord in praise (Joshua 6:20).

Many people want nothing to do with waiting on the Lord while they are in trouble. It could be waiting in hunger or famine. It could be waiting while the landlord is evicting you. It could be sitting outside the exam hall due to failure to pay fees while the exam is being written. It could be any kind of trial, trouble or tribulation. My advice to you is:

Don't be destitute.
Don't become a prostitute.
Don't imitate the multitude.
Don't look for a substitute.
Don't try to beat off solitude.
God will surely grant you fortitude.
As well as breakthrough rectitude
He will see you through in certitude
You'll not pine away forever in servitude
Therefore, have and maintain the right attitude!

Sometimes, we panic, push and press buttons here and there because we've forgotten that God is with us in every situation. He says, "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze"(Isaiah 43:2).

He demonstrated this by going into the fiery furnace to be with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (Daniel 3:19-30). The Son of Man went down into the fiery furnace to keep these young men company. He has promised us so and He cannot fail (Matthew 28:20). Why not believe Him and be at peace?

Don't allow your momentary afflictions to rattle and rumble you. They can only constitute a storm in a teacup! If they are big, they can only produce a tsunami in a bathtub! Anyone who allows adversity to put him on adversity with God should be pitied. Learn a lesson from Proverbs 24:10 and Romans 8:35-39). Whatever your adversity, have faith to wait on the Lord.

Without money, we can live and circulate. Without worldly possessions, we can still live and move and have our being in Him (Acts 17:28). But without faith, we cannot please God (Hebrews 11:6).

If you get to a point where you have no money, have faith. Faith will please God and God will be compelled to please you. Have faith and great faith! That is why Charles Spurgeon once said, "Oh, friends; have great faith. Little faith will take your souls to heaven, but great faith will bring heaven to your souls."

Even when your enemies are strutting and gloating in glee at your misfortunes, take your eyes off them. Look to God who gives us all things for our enjoyment (1 Timothy 5:17). Make your ways pleasing to Him and He will compel, condition and command all your enemies to live at peace with you - whether they like it or not! See Proverbs 16:7 for confirmation.

Are you broke? Rejoice, for the Lord is with you. Are you drowning in the waters of affliction? He is right next to you. Are you wading the rivers of wrath neck deep? He is by your side. Are you roasting in some fire or the other? Be at peace. You will be burned - not to death - but to life, love and laughter!

Are you struggling through flames at the moment? Look around you. He is there to set you aflame for His Word and work. Do you now see that your lack of money means the activation of faith and of God's presence?

Moses discovered that the burning bush only served to bring God's presence which made the ground on which he was standing holy (Exodus 3:1-5). The fire brought God down and He defined Moses' call and went ahead to commission him (Exodus 3:6-10). By all means, view your own burning bushes and raging fires positively.

However terrible the situation, rejoice and glad in Him, for your moment of breakthrough is around the corner! That's why Isaiah says, "Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you" (Isaiah 60:1).

Mathew Yujika Ngo, 8:39, 17/10/15; Malingunde, Lilongwe

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